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How To Make a Landing Page on Facebook

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How To Make a Landing Page on Facebook: In this tutorial, you are going to see how easy it is to create a custom landing page on WordPress by using Elrementor, an amazing drag and drop page builder plugin in combination with the free version of Hestia WordPress theme.

Hi, everyone! You may have long been looking for solutions to create completely customizable pages into your WordPress website for a marketing campaign, a landing page for example, but you’ve always struck a lack of options. I have good news for you.

Since the Elementor WordPress plugin is on the market I completely forgot about those problems and I actually use it to build unique landing pages on my own. This page, for example, is created with Elementor and I will show you how to do that in the next minutes so keep watching. The best part is that you can start using it for free and if you are satisfied with the custom capabilities of the free version, you can use it free forever.

So, with that in mind let’s see how to create a Landing Page for your Facebook Marketing Campaign. We all know how important is marketing in your business and Facebook should be one of your main options. Before moving on, you need to install and activate the Elementor WordPress plugin. For more functionalities, you are free to install some related plugins which will extend the capabilities of your page builder.

By the way, if you want to install the free Hestia WordPress theme as well, which I use in this tutorial, search for it in the WordPress repository. Ready to continue? Let’s go! Creating your first landing page with Elementorit’s easy! Head to Pages/Add New, set a title and then a permalink for your page.


How To Make a Landing Page on Facebook 2021:

According to the latest on page SEO tactics, the permalink of your page must be as short as possible with the target keyword inside, the product name for example. Next step should be to select a page template from the drop-down menu. There are four different templates you can use, other than the default one.

The Page Builder Blank and Page Builder Fullwidth are optimized pages created within the Hestia theme especially for the purpose of using them with page builders like Elementor or Beaver. Choosing the Page Builder Blank all of your theme elements like header and footer will be removed and you can build a clean landing page for your marketing strategy.

If you want to keep the header and footer for easy navigation and informative purpose, then choose Page Builder Full Width. To keep changes click Save before moving on. Next step is to click the “Edit with Elementor” button in the editor, and then you will be redirected to the Element or editor interface.

Now, you can start building a page from scratch but because there are a lot of options, the easy and faster way to create a landing page is by choosing a ready made template. Some of them are free to use but for more options and premium elements you need to go pro. Let’s say you have the highest quality lens in the World of photography and you need a landing page to promote your product on Facebook.

Select the Landing Page Product Type in the pre-designed templates by clicking on the green INSERT button while hovering over. You should be able to edit the template right after the loading occurs. Don’t worry about the content within, you can change absolutely everything and I will show you how to do that immediately so keep watching.

Next, I recommend you keep the landing page as simple as possible with a strong message and a call to action. This way you can gain more conversions and your marketing efforts will be successful. Actually, the best way to grow your business using Facebook Advertising is to give them something in exchange for their email address and this should be the first element into your landing page.

There are lots of email marketing services out there but I am gonna show you how to use MailChimp. You can go to create a free account and then a subscriber list. The easy way to start getting emails is a simple form you can create right here… then copy the code and paste it into a text field on your landing page.

If there are no text fields like in my situation, drag one in the preferred area of your landing page and paste the HTML code into the text tab of your editor. Instead of a simple text, you can insert video content as well and I will show you how to do that right now. Go back to elements and drag a video widget to your landing page…

then head to settings to change it according to your preferences. Here, you can change the Element Style…..the Background, Border, Responsive Settings like hiding the element on tablet and mobiles and if you opt for the pro version of Element or you can do custom CSS here. Allow me to show you another thing that I think it can help you design a better page, is actually one of my favorite design elements so far.

Hover your mouse over any section then click like you wish to move it around and then you’ll see the Edit Section options active in the left sidebar. Click on style and open the Shape Divider options tab. Here, you can toggle through the top and bottom dividers, then you can choose the type of a specific divider you wanna use from the drop-down menu.

Hestia has a beautiful front page with multiple sections and I encourage you to get the pro version because that version will give you the way to insert any of those section into your landing page. Here is how you can do just that… All you need to do after finishing your landing page elements and content is to Publish it, and then just use it for your Facebook Marketing Campaign or simply share it with the world online.

There are myriad of options you can use with Elementor to create stunning content into your WordPress site, and I will do my best to create more videos about this subject in the near future. Although I have many ideas to continue on the same subject, I will stop now to let you test my recommendations so far. If you have any questions about Hestia, Element or or related subjects, please let me know about that in comments below.

I also encourage you to follow then tap the bell to get notifications every time we publish a new tutorial. In this way, you can be the first to see the latest WordPress tutorial on our channel. Thanks for reading next How To Make a Landing Page on Shopify!

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