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How To Make a Landing Page on Wix

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How To Make a Landing Page on Wix: In this Wix landing page tutorial, I’m going to show you how to build a free high converting stand-alone landing page in Wix so that you can build your email list on autopilot. If you don’t have a Wix account yet, click the link in the under the article box below to create one right away for free.

Also, if you want to create a landing page that’s embedded within your current Wix website, make sure to watch my video on How To Make A Beautiful Landing Page In Wix That Converts. The link to it is also in the description box below. Alright, so to create a stand-alone landing page in Wix, you’ll go ahead and click on ‘+ create new site’ on the top right of your Wix dashboard.

When prompted with ‘what kind of website do you want to create?’, click on ‘other’, and when asked to choose how you want to create your website, click on ‘choose a template’ from ‘create your website with the Wix editor. Now scroll all the way down on the menu on the left, and click on ‘landing pages.

Wix will provide you with a number of landing page website templates to choose from. When you place your cursor on top of any given template, you can either click through to edit it directly or click to view its features. I’m going to click through to edit this webinar landing page template.

how to make a landing page on wix

All of the elements on this page are customizable simply by clicking on them and editing them from their individual toolbar. For instance, to change this background image, I’ll click on the strip that it pertains to, then on ‘change strip background’,‘image’, and select another one either from my files, from Wix, or from Shutterstock.

Let’s select one from Wix that includes a laptop, such as this one. You can also change the text, button design, images, positioning of elements, and delete sections altogether. Once you’re happy with how your landing page looks, it’s essential that your sign-up buttons link to your email marketing platform so that you can build your email list on autopilot. To do so, click on the button, and then online from its individual toolbar.

Select lightbox, and then on ‘create now’. You will want to choose a ‘subscribe ’lightbox, and then click on the one you most enjoy. Just like with your landing page design, you can click on any of the elements within the lightbox to customize them, or click on ‘and from the left-hand side panel to add a new one.

So let’s change the text, delete this opt-inform, and add one from our own email marketing platform. I use Convert Kit as my email marketing platform of choice, which you can try out for free for 30 days by clicking on the link in the description box below. Now let’s click on ‘add’, ‘more’, and drag and drop the ‘HTML iFrame’ onto our lightbox.

Click on ‘enter code’, and paste in the space provided the code to your email form from ConvertKit, and then press ‘apply. Resize the form so that it fits within your lightbox, and then you can click on the green exit lightbox mode to return to your landing page design in Wix. Let’s click on our button once more, then on ‘link’ from its individual toolbar.

Select lightbox, and now you’ll see the lightbox we just created appear as an option, and then press done. If we preview what this looks like, you’ll see that when someone clicks on this ‘reserve my spot’ button, they’ll be prompted with the lightbox sign-up form we just created. Make sure you link this subscribe lightbox to all the applicable buttons on your Wix landing page, and then you’re good to go!

Click on publish on the top, right-hand corner, and share your landing page to get more email subscribers on autopilot. To things a step further, make sure to watch my video on How To Make A Beautiful Landing Page Wix That Converts to create a landing page that’s embedded within your current Wix website and stay tuned for next week’s tutorial how to create a website with Wix.

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