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How To Make a Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing

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How To Make a Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing: If you want to learn how to make a landing page for affiliate marketing for free, this is the article to read. You will also receive a free download of the landing page entire funnel free landing page for affiliate marketing. We will also cover how to make a landing page for Clickbank or any affiliate program or online product. You have two options; either download the free landing page funnel or learn how to make a landing page for free. In this video, online entrepreneurs will learn easy tricks to explode your online landing page instantly. It is vital to any entrepreneur who wants to start a business online to understand the anatomy of landing page creation including how to create a landing page for clickbank.

How To Make a Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing: How to make a landing page for affiliate marketing and is it possible to achieve over forty percent conversion rate the answer is the answer is absolutely yes. I’m going to show you on my computer how to achieve a 40 percent conversion rate, and I’m going to build a landing page. Thank you page and connected with an affiliate sales Page live in front of you and then I want to go ahead and give it to you free of charge with one click of a button. I’m not selling you any Course and there is no pitch at the end for you to buy anything. This is totally free of charge.

How To Make a Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing

Hello, Today I’m going to go ahead and tell you everything that you need to know. About how to make a landing page for affiliate marketing for beginners or even non beginners or really doesn’t matter. There are some rules that you have to follow in order for you to achieve 40% or even more and I’m going to talk about that in details and on top of that. I’m going to create a landing page.

Thank you page and I’m going to go ahead and direct it to the sales page and give it to you with one click. Of a button how to get to 40 percent conversion rate. Now. There are some components is not going to happen by luck.

Number one is that you need a wedding conversion model. I’m going to go ahead and show you that and I’m going to show you design what I’m talking about design.

I’m not talking about all nice and pretty and all that know. There are some certain aspect that have to exist in order for you to make a sale three landing page word triggers

Number four is friction in Yes, you don’t know what friction is. I’m going to introduce you to friction and then

Number five is email follow-up. A lot of people like surprised when you go like you have to follow up an email in a certain way to maximize your conversion rate for any product that you’re that you are selling whether it’s affiliate product or non-affiliate product. I’m going to go ahead and share one of the biggest secrets that hardly anybody talks about yours.

What are we going to do? A lot of them say, okay. Here’s Is an opt-in page just want to give you a heads up an opt-in page squeeze page or landing page is the same thing. And I also always have a bridge page attached to it now explain about that here in just a little bit but the idea here is that a lot of people online or YouTube gurus or whatever they tell you, you know, go ahead and start building page if you know how I teach you’ll know better than that because I always start with the end in mind.

I always Look at this sales page first. The reason for that is because of two things one somebody land on your landing page and they’ll end up on your sales page. What happens is I subconsciously people looking for two things continuity and look and feel people are suspicious when they don’t connect these two things 60% of them.

They just don’t buy they don’t bother with you and they will never ever consider buying anything from you because they think oh this landing page is in Bread and Bloom grain and the affiliate page is in different color and has different wording. So I’m not really sure this guy just maybe trying to scam the way you actually do.

That is very simple. What do we do is I go backwards I go from the sales page. Don’t worry about affiliate hips as affiliate sales page, but that will apply for anything that you are selling including your own product. So don’t worry about affiliate just consider that this is a sales page the idea is to take a look at the sales.

Pay to make things easier do not build your opt-in page or Bridge page until you look at the sales page and you take the information from this else paid and you will build the opt-in or Bridge page. So you would take not only the wording the wording has to be similar. Also the look and feel what I’m talking about is how it look like the color things like that because the sales page for example, if it’s an affiliate page, it’s great.

They already have a lot of good things. For you on their sales page, so you’ll take the information from here and because people believe it or not, subconsciously they connect the two together whether they are thinking about it or not, then people they’re not going to convert and that’s the problem with a lot of my subscribers. One of the biggest problems. They have is converting. I’m not converting and I don’t know what conversion rate is. How do I actually do that? Don’t worry about that.

How To Make a Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing

I’m going to go ahead and take care of that for you with one click of a button. I’m going to build everything for you. So don’t Are you bite that I want to go ahead and talk about this landing page. I’m talking about the Opt-in Again opt-in squeezepage, a landing page is the same. You must have three important aspects. One of them is the title. Obviously the title is the most important and has to have these components in it.

The first one is what is it that I’m getting the second thing is that you have to have some emotional triggers it just an emotional for example, something easy simple and this is an emotional trigger power word, by the way. Way could be powerful could be super ignite at least one word. Then the other one that it has to be in there. Is that the show an easy way of how to do whatever you’re trying to get them to buy?

Nobody wants a complex way. The second thing I’m going to talk about right there is solving a problem. The last thing I want to talk about is component of the bridge page Allah. I would not really care too much about features because people attention span is getting very short. So do you want to give him the benefit as No, I’m going to build a high converting landing page.

How To Make a Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing 2021

Thank you page and then I’m going to connect it to a sales page. I’m going to do it live. I’m not going to do it with a make-believe product. So what I did is I want to Click Bank by the way, you can reuse this modified if you like to do so just want to give you a heads up and let you know where I got this from I got it from Click Bank and I pick one of the best products they have in case you don’t know how to pick the best product with one click of a button just follow this.

This video up here that I’m going to show you how to do it with one click of a button make your life a lot simpler. So let’s go ahead and move on. The other thing. We’re going to go ahead and talk about is the process of how I did that basically I picked the product which is or ganifi. They do have several sales pages.

So what I did is like I told you before I wanted the sales pages and then I start to build the opt-in page. So the next thing I’m going to go ahead and show you is the conversion rate. For amateurs and the winning conversion rate process model.

All right, it’s very crucial to understand the convergent models because this is what’s going to determine your success. This is going to separate you from some oneelse. So let’s go ahead and talk about the amateur conversion model.

Basically what they do, they take the traffic and they said it straight to the affiliate sales page. This is the worst thing that you can ever do the conversion rate is about About 1% If you are lucky and on top of that you are not collecting any emails at all from the traffic that you are spending money on.

This is a typical model, but none of the less is still an amateur type of a model. Let me go ahead and go just to step by step you get the traffic and then you send it to the opt-in page here. At least you are somehow getting in some email. What? They do a lot of times they send an email to the Prospect and they say: ‘check your email’ so you can get access to this or they send them straight to this pay. This is still a bad.

They send it to this page and then still it’s bad because the conversion is a little bit better, but it’s a one to two percent. You need to warm up. The person first. Now, this is right here is the top affiliate converging strategy by all means this.

Is not the most complex one, but this is the most basic one that she can use and I’m going to go ahead and build one for you and give it to you with one click of a button you can go ahead and just import it into your click funnels account.

So you don’t have to do anything at all. You don’t have to build it. You can modify it as much as you want, but it’s already there now. Here’s Beauty about it you get in the traffic then what’s happened? Is that this? Strategy right here.

We tested it and it works really good for any product below $200 anything above that. You need a different Bridge page right here, but I don’t want to make things complex. What’s happening is that there is an opt-in and a bridge page at the same time. I’m going to show you. How is that important and how I created it because I have an opt-in and I also have a bridge page.

The bridge page is basically warming up. Up the prospect to whatever they going to go they going to go into the thank you page. There’s a reason why I have it here because of tracking purposes you have to track everything.

So what happens is that I automated this so when somebody comes here, they automatically go to the affiliate page. There is a reason behind that and I’ll tell you all about it later on. Let me go ahead and just go back and tell you a little bit more about it traffic to what happens is that you send them.

Here, I’m going to go ahead and build that page and then I’m going to give you the whole funnel to you. So you can use opt-in page that has also abridge page in it. What happens here when someone put in their email address, it goes to the autoresponder. This one happens automatically. They go to the thank you page.

The reason for that again is because of tracking and I’m going to show you what is the software that is used for that. It’s one of the best in the industry. Industry because if you’re not tracking you basically driving in the dark what happens it comes here, it goes to thank you page and then go to the affiliate page automatically you don’t have to do anything.

This is when they go to here, so you’ll know that someone did actually opted and this is very important information that you need todo. And then later on what you can do is send them email we have found out this is has a 40 plus percent conversion.

Again, this is for a product that is $200 dollars or below that will work for that. Okay, as I mentioned we’re going to go ahead and just build these together. What I’m talking about is the funnel. What are we going to do is first build the update and the bridge page. All right. Now that I have built the landing page and so forth.

I just want to make sure that you are a ware a few things here because it is so important for you to understand it in case you want to get a conversion High conversion remember without a high conversion. It’s going to be very difficult for you todo anything online. So I want to talk about design plus word triggers.

I have watched some videos on YouTube given bad advice and I just want you to avoid. Those bad advice that you see online because they going to make it very hard for you to go forward. One of them is a guy I was talking about all you got to do is just hook them solve the problem maybe give them some benefits, but the problem is he doesn’t tell you how to do that.

If you use the stuff that I gave you and I’m talking about trigger words power words and transitional words. Alright now, here’s the landing page. What I did is I put one night. Next to the other one of them is right here. This is right here.

This is one of the cells Pages now if you look between this and this, what do you see transitional you can see that this belong shere. This is like connected. This is called continuity easy transition in this is the bridging you are Bridging.

The Gap. Each product is unique There’s No One landing page that will fit all I just Make sure you understand this point and why we did all this. Okay. Now we’re going to talk about friction. A lot of people don’t know what I’m talking about.

But if you understand what friction is and how to avoid friction because friction will reduce your conversion rate. I’m going to make it as simple as possible. I’m going to give you some bad example here and I’m going to explain to you.

Why not. Number one here a friction is anything that is going to come between you and the person who is going to give you. Either information or opt-in this is what friction is right here. You see these These are Social Media stuff. Why would I want to do that? Why would I want somebody to click on it and go to my Facebook page?

The main purpose of this page is one thing only which is give me your information. Now the other stuff that you see here is in this box if you want the first name last name phone number You can always get it later Now.

The other thing is like there’s too many things here. Then you also hear have a video so I can click on this video and I can just watch it and then my dog will start to bark and then I want to go attend to it. There are too many things here.

I have to look at it’s making it very hard for me to do exactly what needs to be done, which is Opt-in in this is friction friction is slowing down the process now-here also am I mean, they’re writing useless stuff who cares about any of that.

So make sure you’re avoiding friction. And we did that the other important thing that you really need to understand is that email follow-up. This is a secret that no one knows about or maybe some people know about it. They just don’t talk about it.

It really doesn’t matter. Which one is which okay. Now you got to optimize your conversion. There is a different ways you can do That what you can do is this you go you go and traffic you get the autoresponder you get their email and then you go what I call stage 1 stage 1 is going to consist of two emails.

Now these emails are going to go to the bridge page or the opt-in page. The reason for that is this a case the person that you are trying or you’re trying to engage for them to do the conversion or maybe a obtained maybe something happened.

Sometimes people get interrupted. So you want to go back and just go back there and send only two emails only to now stage to what you need to do. These have to be a value email series only no sales pitch nothing you just giving them a value people don’t like sales people.

You want to give them value as much as you can don’t even mention sales just talked about There needs people only buy from you if they like you and they trust you now stage 3 is a little bit different. It’s a value email series. Plus these are consists of if you can tell if you can see they’re all eight emails the reason why eight do not send more than eight.

I’m going to tell you why here in just a bit. Now the other three they going to be a value email series plus another word. You’re going to talk about value and then you’re going to say here. Here’s the solution to your problem.

The reason we did this for example right here. So next time when they are receiving an email from you, they’re not going to think like, oh you just trying to sell me the might think it’s going to be another value email. I hope you’re following another value email which is hey you giving me information for free something.

I can benefit from a can use. I can solve my problem which you will but you cannot see Everybody’s problem with one email or two emails there is products and that’s why we have them so you have six seven and eight which are three emails in here that will kind of like go in between this and this and this okay, but you don’t send them to the bridge page you send them to the sales page only sales page and this is going to shoot up your conversion rate.

Remember? Endlessly when you do that, okay, because now they trusted you if you go to this one here and I’m talking about like it’s like you having a conversation with your prospects and saying hey if you go here, this is your problem is going to end if you go here, okay. I’ll try to help you.

I am helping you and this is what’s going to happen. All right, the other big secrets that I wanted to tell you is about do not send more than eight emails. There’s a reason for that. That and the reason is very simple is if they’d not going to buy from you.

You don’t want to drive them away because you can come back and sell them something similar. Maybe they did not like that particular product that you have. But maybe you have something similar from the same Niche that they might like in the future.

So that’s why I was saying only eight now there’s something very important that I like to talk about. I’m going to go ahead and go back to that page so I can show you okay. I’m going to give you here. Are some more secrets that you can use a lot of people don’t talk about that. Usually on YouTube. All they want to do is sell you something.

This is free. I’m going to give it to you free, but this is important for you to kind of understand and see what I’m talking about. Here’s one that I mentioned before but I felt the need that I need to go back and show you a little bit of a trick that stop a new from getting the extra boost now we talked about this.

Now a lot of people what they do is that when they get the traffic people Opt-in and then what they do is they send them an email to get to the sales page. Maybe they are delivering something some kind of product or it doesn’t really matter. So what happens here now you created what is it called what if friction you’re right.

He created a friction because now you are stopping the progress you’re stopping the progress because now that person needs to go back to his Email address and he needs to go and dig in go into his maybe spam folder and he needs to go find that email and then connect to the sales page or get the delivery or whatever.

You send them what I’m saying that sometimes this is right here if you have a flow like I have you really don’t need this because it’s going to go automatically to the sales page automatically. You don’t have to you can deliver whatever you To but is going to go to the sales page. This is sometimes it’s okay to do and I’m not saying like, oh don’t ever do it.

It depends on the value and it depends what you are delivering and the price of the product. So make sure you avoid all the frictions that you can if you send somebody an email go like okay go hunt for the mail. So you can go to the sales page so I can sell you something. They might not do it the thought of it for them to go and search their email. Box is probably something they go like you know what I’m going to skip it. How To Make a Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing

Let’s go to the next one because you’re not the only game in town. I hope you understand that and you know that. This is going to be the ultimate thing. This is what really is going to separate you from everybody else what I gave you everything I’m talking about the landing page the fun or whatever you want to call all of it.

All of it is automatic based on one action from the Prospect. And this is how it goes. It doesn’t matter where you get the traffic from that’s not the idea. The idea is for them to go to the opt-in and the bridge page.How To Make a Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing

I have combined them together and I told you why I have have but of course if the price is high your you want to create another Bridge page, but that’s not the subject of this video because we’re not selling High stuff there were talking about something below $200. How To Make a Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing

So what happens is that I automated every thing and I automate everything period why there are two reasons why I do it. One of them is to avoid friction like I mentioned before the second thing is I Can scale up you can’t scale up if you doing everything by hand, if you’re depending on other people to do it by hand.

You cannot depend on anybody you want things to happen automatically and if they don’t then there is a some kind of problem. I use click funnels and I gave you a free trial and some people get so offended because I talk about it because they automatically assume it’s a sales pitch imagine yourself.

If you want to build an Empire for yourself, you need tools, even if you are a carpenter you going to need tools to do it and if you don’t have and if you’re not willing to have and pay for your tools, you’re not going to succeed.

I mean, let’s not kid each other here. Okay, these funnel building software. You can use anywhere you want to I don’t care but some of the people are most of the people doing they just what they do is they get the14 days.

See if it works out more than likely is going to work out then if it doesn’t just cancel you paid nothing and you have those pages. You can copy them. You can create another one in a different software funnel and really doesn’t matter but don’t sell yourself short. How To Make a Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing,

If you want to succeed you have to put your toes in the water you have to do something. You can’t just push a button everything is gonna come to you with nothing no effort and no money, even if you won the lottery You have to buy the ticket.

I’m going to show you how I build the stuff and how they work live. The reason for that is I want the person or the prospect to do one just one thing. I don’t want them to go and look for their email box and all I want them is just to give you the email address and click once that’s it and it’s going to take him to this.

Bridge bait obviously it will take him to this they click the button then they will go automatically to this. Thank you page automatically. They don’t have to do anything and then automatically without them doing anything forget about says call to action here or button that automatically they will end up at the affiliate sales page when they end up at the affiliate sales page. It’s done all automatically.

I got them right here in my order. A responder and emails are going to be coming out automatically. This will happen automatically and what’s good about it I track everything now. It’s up to you if you want to track or not, but if you’re not tracking it’s like you’re driving in the dark. Okay. Now we’re going to test everything.

So you’ll be able to see the landing page to thank you page then. It’s also going to take a straight to the actual affiliate sales page all automatic. With one click from the prospect going to go ahead and click on submit. It’s going to take us a thank you page and then it’s going to take us into the affiliate page automatically without you doing anything at all. So why is that so important?

the reason this is so important because it takes away the dependency on the prospect to take actions or to do anything at all everything. It happens automatically and without any effort from anybody and this is the most important thing because this is how you scale your business up when things are happening automatically without any interference or dependency on any one. All right.

Let’s now let’s go ahead and take a look behind this scene of what’s happening. Now, of course the traffic comes in that’s not our concern at this point. Point that when the person or the prospect comes in they go to the opt-in page that what’s automatically triggered with the funnel, but I’m giving you anyway is that it will go to autoresponder as soon as they obtained and after they obtained a goes to the thank you page automatically.

How To Make a Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing, Now, what’s also good about that is after the thank you page. It will go straight to the affiliate sales page it stays on the thank you page for about 3 seconds only and it goes automatically to the affiliate sales page period so the prospect does not have to do anything.

They don’t have to even go to their email and check their email and click on a link. You can do that if you want to I don’t recommend it because that will create friction and a lot of people nowadays. They’re one thing very quickly.

Now there is a time for that but if you are selling things that you know below $200, there is no need to do that period and what’s good after that is that you can send them the emails automatically what I’m talking about is that you already have your autoresponder right here.

You already have a pre-written emails like I have instructed before with the three stages and these will go go automatically without you doing anything at all. So all that happens automatically and that’s the way to do it in case you want to increase your sales at the same time scale up the process and at the same time,

you are not dependent on a prospect right here for example to go to their email address and click that link sales will be lost through that process because right now Out when you do that you are dependent on someone else, you cannot and

you should not be dependent on anybody else when you are selling any product below $200 above that is something else but the idea is you don’t want to be dependent on anybody period. Next How To Make a Landing Page on Shopify

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