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How To Create a Landing Page

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How To Create a Landing Page: Hey there, Today’s I am going to show you how to create a landing page, using this amazing tool called to convert it. So first of all let’s understand,

In this tutorial, we will discuss:

What is a landing page? How does it work?

How to create a landing page in 13 minutes for Free?

what is a landing page?
A landing page is a web page that is designed to convert visitors into leads it usually contains a form to capture visitor details in exchange for the desired offer like a lead magnet.

What is a lead magnet?
I will show you later in this article and usually, people confuse a home page with a form as a landing page that is not the case a home page contains various other distractions and just the relevant information required to capture your visitor details. The landing page is opposed to that is just a single page that contains only relevant information and a clear call to action like a form to collect your visitor details. so let’s understand,

How do landing pages work?
So let’s suppose you see a post on social media or a free ebook or any other thing that you’re looking for you click on it, you’ll end up on a landing page and then you see what it is about, what is the information, what will you get, if you fill-up your details such as name and email address, then once you fill it. you will get what was promised and in this way you are giving your information to the provider, such as name and email address and you will be a part of their email list now and if you think this from the service provider point of view, then you will be building up your email list, which is considered the biggest asset for a digital marketer and then you can interact with your leads through email marketing or any way you want to. So let’s see a live example of this let me go to my browser, so a few months back i had created an ebook on this topic.

How to create your business listing on google?

I promoted it on Facebook on my website blog and this is the way I promoted it it will be useful. if someone wants to create a business listing on Google, you can create your business listing, also you can help others create their business listing and charge them money for it. so this ebook was free, so whenever someone interested clicks on it they will end up on my landing page.

So this is the landing page that I created using convert it here is the relevant information related to the ebook and why they should now give me their details, so that they can access this email, so once someone enters the details over here let’s say, I have entered my details and click on send me the ebook. I will be redirected to a thank you page, this is the thank you page that is on my blog and here we have given clear information on what to do next.

So you will receive a mail shortly from us and click on download the ebook button in the mail to access your copy. so this is

how did the landing pages work?
now, how do create these landing pages?
Let’s create a landing page from scratch, let’s go back to the browser close this, and go to so convertkit is usually famous for its email marketing service, but what is not known to many is the forms and landing page service that they give and it is available in the free plan as well. so if you are new to a convertit, you can sign up for a free account, and if you wish to sign up for convertkit. I’ll just leave my referral link under the article.

You can join convertkit from there since, I have already signed up, I’ll click on login, so this is how the dashboard of convertkit looks after we have logged in. so right now we are in the subscriber’s section it shows how many subscribers you have in every other detail. so we’ll go to the landing pages and forms section here, we can see the create a new button, I will click on this, we will create a new landing page right now from scratch. so after clicking on create new, we get these two options, like form and landing page.

you can create a simple form that you can embed on your website or anywhere else on your landing pages also and you can create a landing page as well. they have this list of pre-made templates which you can use these are the templates that you can use for creating a landing page and the landing page can be created for various reasons like if you want someone to sign up here to your newsletter if you are looking to you know to share your ebook and click on ebook here see these options.

So this is the one that I used for that ebook distribution this template was used. so let’s suppose, I want to conduct a webinar and I want to invite people to join this webinar. I have clicked on the webinar and these are the available templates, we’ll choose this one so here we can make changes directly to this like suppose, I want to conduct a webinar on the topic, how to create a landing page you can make changes to this entire landing page. here I will change my name again, you can also change this photo, you can make changes to these dates and times everything.

Now here is the main part where you will collect the information, what do you want them to fill out an email address, only okay if you want their names also you can click on this plus icon, go to this custom field and first name if you want it to be compulsory then click on required and as you can see on this left side here is the reason. why they should sign up for this webinar where you can mention, how you will be creating a landing page, what are the best tips and tricks and strategies to keep in mind while creating a landing page, like you will reveal all this in this webinar.

So they can sign up for this, so that’s how it’s done let’s preview, this is how the landing page will look now just this design will not work you need to go to settings and configure everything. so suppose when a visitor subscribes like when a visitor gives their information and clicks on submit. what do you want them to see in my case, I redirect them to my thank you page on my website. if you just want to show them a success message you can show them a success message like this and click on anything and you can go to this incentive section where once they subscribe like once they give their information to you you will be sending them an email welcome email or something like that this is that email and you can configure this section as well.

So according to your needs you can like in my case, I can send them the webinar link in this email. you can join at this time through this link click on save and after confirming like. if you are giving some kind of lead magnet the book that I was offering the lead magnet the free ebook that is called the lead magnet.

If they subscribe they’ll get this lead you can click on this download choose a file you want them to download like whatever that you are offering they can download from here and if you want them to go to a specific page on the internet then you can click on URL in this, then we will click on save, yes one more thing in this SEO and analytics section if you are connecting your Facebook pixel or google analytics code or anything you can integrate through here you can add your Facebook pixel id here, you can add your analytics id here, we will keep it simple in this article and not make it more complicated.

So I hope you get this you can customize each and every part on this page an example is button register, you can write submit also you can change its color in short, you can totally customize it now once you are happy with your landing page, just have to click on save and publish, just publish it now in order to start collecting your visitor’s information click on the share button and share it on Facebook or Twitter or you can share it directly with this link also if you have a WordPress website or blog then you can customize this link and you can embed this landing page on your WordPress blog.

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