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Mlm Landing Page Templates: Hey Guys, I want to teach you “Mlm Landing Page Templates” some awesome lead pages very quickly we all know and you should know by, now that to even compete in online marketing you have to have a lead page generator, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in whether, you are in multi-level marketing or maybe you, just maybe you’re someone that owns like a personal training company or maybe you’re a florist you need to utilize lead pages the ones that. I’m going to show you. so you can start building a quality list of people you want to be able to communicate with your leads and your prospects daily or every other day. “Mlm Landing Page Templates”

But you want to start having this building a relationship with them, so that they will part buy from you, if you’re not using landing pages or lead pages opt-in pages whatever you want to call them, you’re losing out on a lot of money, because many times people will come across your page, and if they don’t buy that first time, which most of them will not they will just move on and you’ll never see, from you’ll never hear from them again.

“Mlm Landing Page Templates” but if you capture them and you get them to give you you give you their email address then, you have more chances of making a sale. so whatever you’re doing it doesn’t matter. you should be utilizing lead pages and before I go into creating one just want to give you an example, for example, let’s say, I am let’s say I am a personal trainer and I want to want more clients and I want to start marketing online one of the first things you should think about is what you can give to your audience.

So let’s say you created a small 3-day series or maybe a week series teaching people have different exercises that they can use for their abs and why they should use a personal trainer. so now you’re giving them value but to do that you need to have some kind of page that gives them a promise that you’re going to come through for them and show them the exercises that they need and you’re going to need a landing page to help them do that,

MLM Landing Page Templates Free Tips Here

Mlm Landing Page Templates” So let’s get started I just wanted to kind of give you an idea of why it’s so important to use lead pages. MLM Landing Page Templates Landing pages, I’m just gonna call it a landing page I like that better in your business, so I use lead pages net and there’s a link underneath this article whether you’re read it on my blog or if you’re reading on our website there’s gonna be a link then you can go ahead and get access to it, but I use this because it’s.

So easy they have templates that look amazing they’re very, very easy to use and implement they create a link for you, you don’t have to host them you’re done many people try to save money by creating their landing pages and what happens is that you spend a lot more time trying to build this thing when it can be done in less than 10 minutes. I’ve been using them so much I can get them done in five minutes, but start just use programs that make life a lot easier okay, so the first thing you want to do to get started is you want to go to get lead pages and it’s going to show you the pricing now this by far to me is one of the best investments for my business.

Because, I’m telling you right now you’re gonna this is something that you will use a lot and generating leads is just so vital and so I have no problem with spending the money, now you have different programs you have a buy a month-by-month program and you have an annual billing program and you have a two-year billing program. so obviously it’s a lot cheaper if you pay more upfront and now I see that they see they used to have three packages for the month-by-month now they only have one package for the month by month, if you want to do annual billing, billing they have that okay.

Mlm Landing Page Templates: So if you’re going to do the month by month you’re going to pay $67 and this is there’s just tons of stuff in here that you’re going to use the biggest one is the split testing you want to be able to test what landing page fare is better with the same information on it another big thing is that you can be an affiliate of lead pages. so right now I refer to lead pages to other people and I generate a stream of income because I’ve just referred this to people okay. so you either want to do the pro monthly you want to look at everything that you get or you want to do the enterprise monthly, I suggest just doing the pro monthly it’s up to you, but if you definitely can do like the annual billing or the two-year billing go for it.

Mlm Landing Page Templates: You’re definitely going to save a lot more money, so once you decide which one you want to do you click to get started and so what I’m going to do is, I’m just going to go ahead and log in and what I love about lead pages is the options. so you’ll see here there are different options you can create an opt-in page, so if I click opt-in my computer is unintentional there’s often there’s a thank you page. so after they opt-in if you want to give them more instructions and just want to say thank you for opting-in it thanks for opting in my name is “blab”

and while you’re you know I just sent the information to your email while you’re waiting you can go ahead and click here to see how, I’m generating a thousand dollars a day, okay, you could use the Thank You pages, they have pages for different launches that you may have maybe you’re doing a webinar or you have sold them something and now you’re doing an upsell you can do custom pages sales, pages everything you can think of and you’ll see in here a lot of the pages, you can put in an article.

I’m a lot of the pages, if you want if you’re trying you want to give them the ability to download something like a piece of software or an e-book there are very simple pages, this is one that I like you can change out the pictures and fill in the opt-in box here’s one blog home page and you see they have different descriptions here and so what you would do is just go through the one, that I use the most because it’s. so simple is this one here the basic center squeeze page and so I would click that one hit no thanks as I don’t want to do all that and what it’s going to do is generate the landing page for me.

“Mlm Landing Page Templates” Okay, now it looks like there’s a lot here but it isn’t it’s very, very, very, simple okay. so let’s say that I wanted to okay let’s say that I am a personal trainer. I just keep using that and I’m probably using that because I’m trying to lose weight right now and so my mind is on fitness and working out and eating right and all that good stuff. so let’s say that I wanted to create a landing page. so what I would do is number one, I probably remove this background and what you can do is you can go to like Google and find a background that you want to use and I would change and I would look for let’s see fitness workout okay you can go to images and find different images and all you do is you copy those images okay.

I like this one so, I’m going to right click and save the image and I’m going to save it as wait background okay and remember where that picture is okay, so now we’re going to go to lead pages and I’m just going to go to the background and I’m going to upload that picture, so latest background open and allow that to upload and having the right background is important now you don’t want it to be you want it to go with the theme of whatever it is that you’re talking about, but you just don’t want it to be too flashy to where it takes away from you’re doing.

so I’m just gonna click that and hit done and now you see, I have a background with weights, okay and what I want to do is I’m gonna change the headline. so I’ll just click right in there and I’m going to say free article reveals, I’m gonna say free tutorial series reveals do,t dot, dot, the secret to the secret to having amazing apps within 30 days.

now let me give you a few tips when it comes to creating these landing pages, you want to think about who you’re talking to, so I honestly will probably make this more niche meaning, I’m going to speak to a specific audience instead of trying to make it. so broad I’m going to think to try to market this to a smaller audience, so let’s say I want to talk to women who just had a baby, and obvious and you know many of them are trying to get their waist back. so instead of saying free tutorial series reveals what you can do is you can add a question, you can say are you tired or you can say it’s been sometime after the baby and now you, your apps back now that speaks directly to someone who is looking to lose weight specifically in their stomach, now what you can do here is a free tutorial series reveals the secrets of having amazing abs after having a baby-free tutorial series reveals the secret to having amazing abs after having a baby.

If you want to put a timeline on there you can that’s up to you then, I always say enter your email information will be sent to your valid email address because what a lot of people will do is they will give you a fake email address and so they won’t do that if they know that the information is going to their email address. okay, now what’s cool about this is you can change the color like your style here, so you can change the headline color you can change the color of the button, so let’s go back into finishing this here. so you press that button and what’s going to happen is that’s going to take you to an opt-in page that you can customize. I usually like to take this out I don’t like so much showing you can tell you, you can take out all this even. if you want to take this out, you can or maybe you could put a picture of let’s see, let’s see, if we can find someone you don’t want to use these pictures with that have like Shutterfly and stuff like that on there because these are pictures that people are selling. I like that picture or if you want to do a little search lose weight in your stomach after your baby.


MLM Landing Page Templates Free Tips Here 2021:

MLM Landing Page Templates Free Tips: so this is a really good one here view the image save image as weight after baby. okay, you can go here delete pages upload a new image, wait after baby let that upload. now you want to notice that it says there you go beautiful now, I usually just get the email depending on what, I’m selling now for instance. I sell hair extensions, so that would be something that I would probably ask for the phone number for depending it just depends. so if this is as a personal trainer, I would ask for the phone number, because especially if you’re looking for local people and your advertising your landing page in a local, in local social media things like that’s a whole different ballgame right there.

But I would get the phone number email and the name you’re gonna get better you’re gonna get more leads, if you just get the name and the email and you’ll get the most leads if you just get the email, I would change this to say, I’m ready to lose please okay and you make sure you have to make sure that you hit okay. Because it won’t stick no this is important integration settings, now you’re another investment that you’re going to need is an autoresponder.

Now the lead pages just basically take the emails for you the autoresponder stores the information for you and allow you to create that actual article series where you will go in and you can create the tutorial series and you can create separate emails, that will go out on a timely basis, you don’t have to worry once they have put their email in you have it all set up to add a one they get this day two they get this. so on and so forth and then what happens is this series is going to sell it for you this is what makes your business automated these two tools are the most important, that you can have in your business there is no way to get around it you have to have an autoresponder and a lead page generator okay and

So what I suggest to use and what you know you don’t have to but I use to get a response to me to get a response is very easy and simple to use and what will happen is you can create an email series from here and what’s nice is that lead page allows you to integrate with getting a response. so you can choose from the different you can choose right here get the response and then what you’re going to do in getting a response is create a campaign okay. so that campaign can be called you know baby, it could be called baby, weight abs or something like that would then get the response and you will connect it with your lead pages integrate. as you can see, I have these are all campaigns they all have different landing pages they all have different series.


Mlm Landing Page Templates For More:

Mlm Landing Page Templates for more: So you connect it to whatever campaign that you created that has that tutorial series that you created and then you hit customize this form okay. so they will enter their email and let’s see yeah, I want that name and I want I don’t know why the phone number didn’t stick that’s okay, I see reload and I want the name to be up here okay, so let’s hit okay. I want to go back here, I wanted these little wills right here allows you to do some changes as well. so I’ll hit link options and I’ll change this give me info. okay done another thing that you have to make sure you have is a thank you page and so what you want to do is create.

I have a standard, Thank You page, and let’s go into lead pages, I’m gonna keep that page open and show you some of the Thank You pages that I love and I’m telling you using lead pages for your marketing will pay for the investment that you’re putting into this, okay now they have some Thank You pages, yeah. my computer is running super slow okay, so you can choose these “Thank You pages” I would suggest for instance if you are someone that is in the industry like we’re talking about personal training, you want to create a short tutorial because especially if you are well defined and you have the muscles and you look good you want people to see you and you want to speak directly to them and

so I like to use this landing page here if I want to do a tutorial thank you and just thank you for follow and kind of telling them what they’re gonna get, you can go in you can customize this you can tell them to like your Facebook page, maybe there’s something else you want them to click on you can put your tutorial here your signature. I love this landing page let’s say you don’t want to do a tutorial, you just want to do go to templates my second-favorite land, Thank You page, and go back to thank you is this one here very simple it kind of tells them to let’s say you have let’s say you created something an offer or

let’s say you’re multi-level marketing and you’re a personal trainer let’s do that so you’re multi-level marketing and you sell Fitness shapes let’s say you’re like by Silas or your it works or something like that and you sells something that they can go to your website and buy right now, so you could say here while you wait for your material to arrive via email. I recommend you to click the link below to learn more about other things that you can do to start losing weight, now or delicious shakes that you can use that will do this or sending them to your site this is when you can send them to your site directly to whatever it is that you want them to buy okay

and you can change this picture out maybe you could you know to use the baby again okay and you will here put the link to wherever you want them to go you could put the link in here a second time you can change the wording in here you can change the coloring thanks for signing up are you ready to get started this is I love it because you can just change whatever you want okay and so now you can see the process of why you need to have a lead page, so once you have created this you want to save it I’m just going to go to a

Thank You page that I already have and use that one, because you’re going to take the link to this Thank You page and you’re going to put it on the landing page okay, so I’ll take this link copy it, and want to go back to the landing page that I created and I’m going to stick that link here paste it in here hit OK and then hit OK, down here and now we’re done okay, so you would save it, oh you also have to save it as something, I’m just gonna save this as test best landing pages hit done and then you’re going to save it and then you’re going to publish it and what’s going to happen just going to give you a link, you can take that link well you can view the page now and bam you’re done very, very, simple very simple and

this speaks directly to your audience I want you to remember that knowing exactly who your target audience is, is so vitally important. if you’re in the weight loss industry stop trying to sell to everybody start focusing on smaller groups you will get a higher conversion rate and you will make so much more money and if you see if you click on this you can put your internet yummy your name they can put their name their email address hit ready to lose weight and then what happens is they’ll go directly to your

Thank You page, so we’ll do that all right and you see this tutorial comes up alright and you can see that this is just a thank you page that, I used and what happens is now they’re going to be taken into now getting response clicks in guest response will automatically send them, their first day of getting an email from you they’ll get maybe that first article series or whatever it is that you create it but you want when you’re creating this you want to have something to give them you want to give something, something for free and what I like to do is whatever it is that, I’m giving them for free I want to show them how to make the process even better by buying whatever, I have or signing up for whatever.

I have or joining whatever I have you want to make the process a lot easier for them through your, so it says you are a problem solver you’re not a Salesman you’re a problem solver. so that is how to create landing pages and as you do this more and more and more you’re gonna find that you’re gonna get very it’s going to be very easy to do sometimes, I can I’ll do three or four or five landing pages a week for different things, but this is something that you have to have in your business if you have any questions about landing pages feel free to click to email me at retire with Melinda com. I’m sorry retire with Melinda at, the link to get your landing to delete pages today is underneath the article and you can also get the get response autoresponder as well underneath this tutorial.

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