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Webinar Landing Page Templates

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Webinar Landing Page Templates : Hello and welcome to this webinar loop to tutorial. ┬áIn this article , I’ll show you how to set up webinar landing page templates on webinar Loop Two.

  • Let’s begin on your chosen webinar.
  • Click on webinars setup button.
  • Click on the side section.
  • Click on the layout section.
  • Click on the Select and customize section.
  • Click on Choose File, select your file.
  • Click Customize.

We have a lot of available templates down here. But if you have your own and you want to use it, just click on Choose File, select your file and click on Customize.

Now you will be directed to layout templates editor where you can edit every component of your layout, you can choose to edit the field options, or delete some that you don’t need.

On the right section is where you can choose what you want for your action button. And for the method, also select one now if you click on the field, you can edit your field options and also enter in the required fields inside of it. Like what I’m doing now for the name,

email and phone number. Then when it’s all done, click on Save page. Now click on the third button to copy the URL. Then open a new tab and paste in the URL. And here you will see the layout that you have made and the required fields down below.

And for example, a customer entered in their information and when they click on the reserve button, they will see the confirmation page and that is how you set up your webinar landing page templates here on webinar Luke two.

Next tutorial How To Create a Landing Page In Mailchimp Thank you for reading.

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