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Example Of Landing Pages Eight Different Landing Pages

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Example Of Landing Pages: Today we discuss eight different landing pages from Shopify, Airbnb, Wistia, Nado, Industrial strength marketing, Trulia, Web Profits, and impact branding and design. The type of landing page that you create will vary depending on your company and your call to action. Remember to keep things straightforward and focus on driving conversion.

Does your website utilize landing pages? Having a good landing page is vital for any business as it can get your website visitors to convert or take a specific action. They’re usually used as a part of a larger marketing campaign that includes ads that drive people to the page, or even a special offer in exchange for signing up for a newsletter or buying a product. If you’re looking to create a great landing page, but don’t know where to start, we’ve got eight landing page examples for you to use as inspiration. Let’s get started.

You’ll want to create a landing page that converts your website’s visitors. The median conversion rate for landing pages is between three and 5.5%. Compared to the 2.9% conversion rate of the average e-commerce page. Having a landing page that converts makes it easier for your visitors to take the desired action. This could be submitting their email to get notifications from your business or purchasing a product.

Your landing page should use simple tax clearly state your offer and use images and customer testimonials. This whole entices your visitors to take the desired action. Now let’s take a look at our examples.

The 8 Example Of Landing Pages

  • Shopify,
  • Airbnb,
  • Wistia,
  • Nado,
  • Industrial strength marketing,
  • Trulia, Web Profits,
  • impact branding
  • design.


This is a great example of a simple landing page. They have all important information about their company above the fold, or before you scroll down the page. They explained what you can do with Shopify who trusted and that to get started you have to submit your email address.

This is perfect for people who are ready to get started. Then if you scroll down further, they discuss the benefits of using Shopify and what their pricing is.


They also have a simple landing page. With their call to action above the fold. They also discuss the main benefit of earning money. If you’re wondering how much money you can earn, Airbnb has embedded a calculator directly into the landing page. This allows visitors to estimate how much they can potentially make when signing up for hosts
Wistia Wistia also kept it simple with their landing page. They embedded a simple form making it easy for visitors to open an account right away. They also have a call to action button which clearly communicates that an account will be made. Then if you scroll down the page further, they explain more about the Wistia service.


In some cases, companies will be making a more complex offer such as selling an e-book about a business to a business topic. This is where companies will need to include more information on their landing pages. Nado ebook landing page is a great example of how to do this. This page says exactly what you will get from downloading the ebook as well as a simple form for visitors to input their information.

Industrial strength marketing.

This is another ebook download page, but it isn’t on a complex topic. So instead, they chose to keep things simple by including the title of the eBook, a short description, and a form to fill out before downloading.


In some cases, your call to action will be to get your visitors to learn more about your company. Truly as the landing page is simple and direct. It asks a question requests an address and includes a call to action button that describes what the visitor will get.

Then, Trulia takes visitors to a form asking for more information, like the type of property the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the visitor’s contact information.

Web Profits

Their landing page isn’t short, but they make it feel short by placing a call to action buttons strategically throughout their explanation. They also do this by including graphics and subheadings to make the text more readable.

Impact Branding and Design

Finally, we have impact branding and design. This is another long landing page. They want you to download an ebook so they placed the form to download it prominently on the right side of the page. Their landing page also clearly states what the visitor will get out of downloading the ebook.

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